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Dry Eye Treatments: CEQUA option

Dry Eye Treatment Option

CEQUA ( .09% of Cyclosporine Eye Drops)

Eyes need enough tears to stay healthy and comfortable.  Dry Eye Disease occurs when we don’t produce enough tears or when we produce poor quality tears. The tears keep your eye surface moist and smooth which allows you to see well and feel comfortable. Tear production and quality of tears may decrease with certain medical conditions and with age. CEQUA is one medication we can use to treat dry eye disease. It is an eye drop that helps your eyes produce more of your natural tears. It is a prescription eye drop which is used twice a day. Cequa concentration of cyclosporine is at .09%.  Cyclosporine is also in another medication called Restasis however it is at a lower percentage (.05%)  Since both of these drops have different formulations, one medication may work better for you.  Ask your ophthalmologist about the different treatment options for Dry Eye Disease.  Click the video link to learn more about dry eye disease. http://fyi.rendia.com/7uszK