Eye Exams

Total Eye Health Care

At Eye Consults, we provide routine eye exams. During your visit your medical history is reviewed, and you are screened for common eye diseases such as dry eyes, glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. We provide the latest treatment options available.

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Eye Exams

Several medical diseases and medications can affect your eyes. Some conditions like glaucoma have no symptoms. Annual eye exams are very important to keep your eyes healthy.


We work with primary care doctors to coordinate diabetic screening eye exams for their patients. We provide diagnostic reports to your medical doctor after your visit.

Medical Chart Reviews and Independent Medical Exams

At Eye Consults, we provide medical chart reviews for individuals. During the chart review, a detailed explanation of your eye condition is discussed, and your questions answered. For insurance companies and attorneys, independent medical exams are provided with extensive 2nd opinion IME reports.