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Dr. Sandy Thimmappa Cohen founded Eye Consults. She is a board-certified ophthalmologist who specializes in corneal disease. Eye Consults is located in Greensboro, North Carolina and offers medical chart review services throughout North Carolina.

Our mission is to provide patients with a complete and personalized approach to their eye care. We offer our patients second opinions, medical chart reviews, routine eye exams, and provide the most advanced and up-to-date treatments available.

Our Services

2nd Opinions
CHART Reviews

  • Virtual Consultations
  • Review of eye condition and treatments
  • Review of Patient Portal Documents

Common Eye Conditions & Screenings

  • Dry Eyes
  • Pink Eye
  • Cataracts
  • Pterygium & More

Eye Services
& Store

  • In-Person Eye Exams
  • Vision Tests
  • Online Eye Store
  • Latest Eye Products & More