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Contact Lens this Halloween

How to keep your eyes safe this Halloween

Halloween Tips to keep your Eyes Safe

Costume contact lenses could have your eyes spooked out this Halloween season. Costume contact lenses come in different sizes they may change your eye color or change the shape of your pupil size giving you the look of a spooky Halloween character. These contact lenses may not have any vision correction in them and they can be safely worn if they’re fitted to your eye. ┬áContact lenses come in different sizes so they can match the shape of your eye. If not properly fit in a person’s eye, corneal abrasions (scratch) can occur. ┬áCorneal ulcers can also occur with improperly fitted contact lenses. In severe a corneal ulcer, the only way to regain your vision is to undergo a cornea transplant. So play it safe and get your Halloween contact lenses fitted for your eyes this season.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiEPvmK4aRc