Contact Lens

Contact lens are circular discs that lay on the front surface of your eye (cornea). They can correct near and distance vision. There are few general types of contact lens that are available. Within each type of lens, there are subtypes available for different medical conditions. The 3 most common lens are as follows:

  1. Soft Contact Lens: This type of lens is the most common lens most people wear; they tend to be the most comfortable. There are several subtypes of soft lens. The most common soft lens are listed below.
  1. Toric lens: These lens correct astigmatism along with near and far sightedness.
  2. Daily Disposable Lens: These lens are thrown away after each wear daily. Daily Disposable lens have a lower risk of infections compared to other types of soft lens.
  3. Extended Wear Lens: These lens are worn for a week at a time.  They carry a much higher risk of infections due to this extended wear time.
  4. Daily Lens: These lens you remove each night. Typically there is planned replacement schedule for these lens.

  1. Rigid Gas Permeable Lens (RGPs): RGPs are stiffer than soft contact lens. These lens tend to work better in people with higher astigmatism levels. One the main treatments for keratoconus are these lens.
  2. Scleral Lens:  Scleral lens are larger lens that rigid gas permeable lens and actually extend to the white part of your eye (sclera). They can be used when there is a highly irregular shape of the cornea and surface abnormalities.

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