Floaters And Flashing Lights

When you see specks of black dots or spider-like webs float in front of your vision, you are experiencing an eye symptom call floaters. When you see a lighting streak in your vision, you are experiencing a flash symptoms of the eye. Both of these symptoms could be serious, and you should seek an exam by your ophthalmologist. Typically a dilated exam is needed to see if these symptoms needs any further treatment

  • Floaters: Floaters occur when the gel in the back of the eye starts to age. The back of the eye is made of a gel called the vitreous. This gel tends to shrink and form clumps and strands as we age. These clumps and strands is what causes us to see a floater in our vision.
  • Flashes of Light: This occurs as the vitreous gel pulls away from the back of the eye. This occurs with age. As the gel pulls away from the back of the eye, it pulls on the retina (the back lining of the eye). This causes the eye to experience a flash of light when this happens

Having a flashing light or floater could be caused by a retinal tear, retinal detachment, bleeding in the eye, or a natural aging process. It is really important you see an ophthalmologist to get a full dilated exam.

Some symptoms that might point to a retinal tear are the following:

  • Decreased vision
  • Sudden increase in floaters in your vision
  • Sudden increase in flashing lights in your vision
  • A curtain or shade in your vision. You might feel your field of vision might be partially gone.

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